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Bharat Trailer Is Yet Another Promise of Disappointment

Bharat Trailer Is Yet Another Promise of Disappointment

Salman Khan’s upcoming film Bharat’s trailer has just dropped on YouTube and it gives us a gist of what are you in for this Eid. The trailer opens with an old version of the protagonist – Baharat introducing us to the story. Then the younger version of Bharat appears in the trailer in an outfit which he probably stole from Elvis Presley’s wardrobe. Don’t be shocked if you feel like you are watching a montage of shots from Ghost Rider, Captain Philip and Skyfall weaved in together while watching the trailer.

In the first half of the trailer, you are introduced to the character of Disha Patni and we know she is in the movie just as crowed pulling eye candy without any substance. When you come out of montage shots from Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, you encounter painful philosophical dialogue by Katrina Kaif. Pushing things way past beyond the border of unbearable is the horrendous background music that plays in the background in the first half of the trailer ‘slow-motion mein’.

The second half of the trailer gives us an insight into its high budget and by the look of it. You will see Salman Khan fighting Somalian Pirates. Interestingly if you see the timeline of the film, the movie starts in 1947. Since, we have seen Bharat was quite young when Indian Pakistan partition happened let’s assume, he was 7 years old guessing the age of the child actor. Then fast forward through his life, working a circus, then in a mine, to the time when he starts working in the Navy. With respect to timeline, how old was he when he joined the Navy? 50? Even if you assume, he is a 50-year-old naval officer then it would place him in the time period of 1990. Even still can’t possibly fight Somalin Pirates because they themselves came into existence in 2005.

Hopefully they have not thrown in all their best shots in the trailer to make it look as appealing as possible and don’t have good shots to makes us sit trough the movie.

As always personality of the protagonist is impeccably simple to the personality of Salman’s other characters like Chulbul Pandey form Dabanga and Devi Lal Singh from Kick. It seems like all Salman Khan knows as an actor is how to be himself.

Feel free to cross check what we have said in the trailer below

CAUTION: Watch It At Your Own Risk



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