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De De Pyar De Review

A story of a 50 year old guy introducing his 25 year old girlfriend to his family.

A story of a 50-year-old guy introducing his 25-year-old girlfriend to his family.

This is not your basic love story where two people meet, fall in love, and convince their family to allow them to get married. The movie starts off by introducing us to the characters of Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn), a rich and divorced London-based businessman, and Ayesha Khurana (Rakul Preet Singh), a hot single and self-centred girl who also lives in London. Ashish takes Ayesha to introduce her to his family whom he has not met in the past 15 years. What comes forth is a hilarious comedy, well-written drama and dialogues that will make you burst out laughing (Caution – You might spit out your drinks!)

The movie will have you at the first scene when you meet Ashish and Ayesha. No matter how weird and unconventional their love angle may seem, it is still cute and dote worthy.

The sassy tone and funny dialogues keep you glued to the movie. The well-crafted characters add dynamics and contrast to the story. It seems like every character in the movie has mastered the art of bantering. To turn your simple train ride into a roller coaster, the director has planted some beautiful highs and lows that take you by surprise and make your ride a memorable experience. 

The last quarter of the movie is full of reality checks that leaves you spellbound and drenched in the emotions that its characters are feeling.

Screenplay and Dialogues

The screenplay is well written and builds the story in a way that keeps you engaged until the end credits roll in. The dialogues contribute several good bits in building the tension – both sexual and dramatic. The screenplay does a good job of telling you a story that gives you your money’s worth.


Let’s admit it! Ajay Devgn has got amazing acting chops and his dialogue delivery is so impeccable that we wouldn’t be surprised to find political parties fighting over who gets to take Ajay in their Party. Tabu, who plays the role of Ajay’s wife, has lived up to her acting standards and it is hard to take eyes off of her during her scenes. Rakul Preet Singh (Ayesha) did not fail to impress us either. Not even for a second, did we feel like her love for Ashish was fake. She does her part pretty well. That being said, there is still a room for improvement in Rakul’s delivery of flirtatious dialogues.


Most of the songs just exist, except for the first and last songs of the movie that make a super strong impact on you.

Remarks: If you have ever had a sassy girlfriend or a sarcastic family, you will relate, and even if you don’t, you will enjoy it to the core.

Rating 3 star



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