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Even I needed a break: John Abraham

Even I needed a break: John Abraham

During an exclusive interview with Bollywood Chronicle John Abraham talk about his upcoming film Pagalpanti

You were doing a film on a very realistic and serious topic so why you choose to do comedy again?

If you see the kind of film I have done Madras Cafe, Parmanu, Batla House, Satyameva Jayate, all are the very serious films so even I needed a break, which is why I wanted to make a film that will make me and my audience happy, and I have said this on record that the pagalpati is a film that cannot be critic and if you see the headlines of the film “Dimaag Mat Lagana”, in today time you can see the negatives in media especially on social media this film is just to spread happiness, Pagalpanti has not any double meaning, no exposure, it has no black shades, even the villain is very cute and nice if you will see that you will just laugh. This is a film that will reach 6 to 96 years old audiences, everyone, this is a film where you can literally take your family, daughter, and grandparents you can go and say that hey I want to have a nice time, I want to laugh, and I want to be positive in life and I want to watch a nice film, and that’s what Pagalpanti does.

In today’s world where everyone wants to see the logic everywhere, this film which is completely like you don’t have to use logic? So do you think this kind of film will bring you some big brats for you?

I think there is a space for all kinds of film, as an actor I want to do all kinds of films and I have said this in my Batla house interview also, I have said that I want to do all kinds of films and I m dying to a comedy so I think there is a space for all kinds of films, today take total Dhamal, Houseful 4, I m sure it has come with lots of negative criticism and what are the numbers it has done, I mean families are going and enjoying watching that film’s, and I want to do a film that will be enjoyed by family, people, and I don’t mind, see criticism you will get and just accept it as a pinch of salt and get on to your next film. After that, I m doing Mumbai Saga, my directors are having Satyameva Jayate 2 then, psycho.

You have worked with David Dhawan, Anees, Sajid, how much difference between them?

I have worked with David in the past but the film didn’t release, I have worked with Rohit his son, I worked with Varun, I have worked with Anees, Sajid, Priyadarshan all are different, Priyadarshan is a more situational comedy, Sajid khan is most probably more slapsticks, Anees is more about how he writes the comedy lines and the comics timing, so each one has got a different style of comedies, but at the end of the day the actors bring to the table.

What did they tell you to bring at the table?

I think when the comedy is a concern we leave, especially the comic we leave that in the hands of directors, it depends on how he writes, the certain scene and all about comic timing and then it about actors how well he can pull off that comic timing while doing certain things you either have a or you don’t have it. And if you don’t have it the audience will laugh.

John, would you like to produce a comedy?

I could produce a comedy but, this is a too big scale for me and this is not my space maybe more maybe in my head, more of Dostana is my space in my head I m not acute to do this, this is too difficult and larger to do.

Do you think the audience who watch films on the OTT platform doesn’t go and watch in theaters?

I think there is a completely new and different audience that watches the film on the digital platform and you will be shocked to know that there is a large section at least 70 percent of the audience that watches on digital doesn’t go to a cinema hall to watch the films, if your film releases on Amazon or Netflix you will actually get to see the research data this person hasn’t gone and seen your film or any film in theaters, their film going and watch film in theaters habits are low, so I think what this Ott platform do they give a new lease of life for content, for directors, actors and for even the audience, the audience who doesn’t get opportunity to go and watch film in halls gets to spend 500 bucks or 1000 bucks to spend on a good films, so I think it has completely changed the landscape of the way we look up a film, make films, make series today, it’s a completely different audience.



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