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Exclusive Interview: Akshay Kumar for Mission Mangal

Exclusive Interview: Akshay Kumar for Mission Mangal

Recently, Bollywood Chronicle did an interview with Akshay Kumar for his upcoming film Mission Mangal, and here are some interesting Questions only for you. 

You always think about director should do the preparation and I will work according to him?
Everyone has his own way for example as you are a journalist and he (another journalist) is different but the end of the day you both are journalists so basically everyone has his own way and this is my way to work.

How did the Mission Mangal happen because the director comes up with the idea of another project that is “Ikka”?
No no, he had come with the other project Ikka, so we were working on that also but then he narrated me this also, he narrated me one line, actually, my sister is scientists and she was telling me about it, and I he told Jagan why don’t you write something on this and he went back and wrote and he came back after 20 days just to give me one line what he thought of it and i quite like it and I said let’s start working on it, and then he and Balki they wrote it.

In Nasa, most of the people are Indian and they are migrated?
Now, they will not go, Let me tell you honestly, early it was 2 to 3% of the budget was only given to space scientists but now they are doing it on 18% they are like jumped about 8 times more our government is concentrating lot on space science, that is why this all things are happening lots of people are talking about Chandrayan, ISRO became very famous, ISRO is being there since from the last 50 years and we used to never talked about it but now it is sincerely taken up and also the profession of science is like that only a man can do it, but now the things have changed and in this film that is how I showed the film no matter what kind of work it is, a super engineered can being a women, and now things are also being changing a ladies who use to find cooperate and now she doing the finance of our country, she was also a defense minister of our country, things are changing in India.

There was no move to release Mission Mangal in Marathi?
I haven’t seen the video But we aren’t releasing in Marathi. But I have also done that poem in Punjabi and Gujarati.

Efforts to make a more commercial film?
Yes, It’s, it is being made into a commercial, I have not made a documentary film. I have made a commercial cinema where there is a laugh, fun, emotions, songs, 2 songs are there, I make a commercial when I made Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, I added commerciality to it in that there was a little fight also, you have to tell the audience everything, but in a commercial way.

You do a cameo in films even a small role also and characters like guys so are you not image-conscious and you don’t get any advice from an industry that you should not do this?
Yes, I get lot of advice not to do that not to do this, even I have got advice to not to do Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, I have got advice not to do Padman and big advice from big people of the industries but that is not right, it doesn’t matter how much my role is I want to be part of the film which is a great film, if it’s a great film even my role is small I m fine with it, if it’s a film with great cinema and its a hit film and somebody else has a bigger role in it I m fine with it. When I did khaki it was a very small role I died in the after the interval, it doesn’t matter, there are many films I have did in which there is no actress but I was fine with it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good film good cinema and you think this cinema can make a difference you should do it. And this kind of thinking is not in Hollywood just people think here only I will not name the person there is one actor who is doing a two-hero subject just now he amazing said, somewhere with the producer that 1st my solo pic poster will come then in next week with both you can release your poster, then when producer asked why but why he replied I want to I m the main. Their thinking is about the poster one solo poster of mine should come 1st. Then it should be others and I was quite shocked to hear this.



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