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Exclusive interview of John Abraham

Exclusive interview of John Abraham

Recently, Bollywood Chronicle interviewed John Abraham for her upcoming films Batla House and here is an exclusive chat with her.

The clash between 2 films mission mangal and batla house

I can’t ensure that any other film except mine, I think the good thing is both the films are good creditable films and talking about business also, enough business for the two films on that day both Akshay, and me and Nikhil think it’s a great day for audiences, the winner is the audience they are getting a chance to choose between the two very very good films.

How much pressure was there on you while portraying that character?

I think the pressure is actually more because say for an example I would have played manya surve who didn’t exist means who passed away rather whereas Sanjeev Kumar Yadav playing ACP Sanjay Kumar is based on real-life operating officers still operating in the Delhi special, so there is also pressure, I want to hear “hey listen you played me right” because he is actually in the Delhi force and me and Nikhil are egar that he sees the film’s.

Your take on battle house incident?

I met Sanjeev Kumar Yadav when I asked him personally, can you tell me what actually happened to post the encounter with him, after encounter PTSD happen. (Post-traumatic stress disorders), he told me I wanted to commit suicide and that which we have mentioned in our trailer, he had gone to do the encounter when her wife used to live him, so in your personal life you are going through the stress and after encounter you will go through PTSD, and you will feel like suicide, I think the character became so much interesting and I think the personal life of them, I have ever wondered an encounter is just an encounter but Nikhil from 1st he said it is not just an encounter it is also a love story, and I think the way we have portrayed this, mrunal did a fantastic job the way she had played the character of Nandita, Sabana in real life is a journalist, and she had played her character so nicely

Do you think the industry is only the place which is secular?

No, I don’t think the industry is secular who told you industry is secular.

Ayushman says he did a film on castism?

Ayushman is a good boy, he thinks everyone is secular but the industry is not hundred percent secular.

And what makes you say this?

The thinks which you are reading every day, you guys do an interview regular and you feel it’s a secular answer me honestly, yes or no

Through some extent? I feel

Yes, to some extent, it’s polymerized and this is the facts of life, the world is the polymerized and even in our films also we say, only 1 community is not getting pissed off, so the entire system is getting a breakdown. The world is polymerized we have to live with it. But yes this is the best country and best industry



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