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‘I don’t love my Work’ – lyricist Kumaar

‘I don’t love my Work’ – lyricist Kumaar

Kumaar is a successful and active lyricist in Bollywood Cinema. Rakesh Kumar’s success journey began with Ishq Tera Tadpave (1999) from the album of Sukhbir. He is well known for his Bollywood chartbuster songs like Baby Doll, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, Sooraj Dooba Hain, Lovely, Desi Girl, Tujhe Bhula Diya and many more.

He found real fame as a Best Lyricist for the song “Maa ka ladla bigad gaya ” from Dostana. We took an exclusive interview of him where he told us the reason why he does not love his work, his first written songs and what struggle did he face in the early phase of life.

What do you feel about the song Vaddi Sharaban your latest release?

Vaddi Sharaban is now being released on YouTube and we feel that yes it will do well. One song was desi girl and now we have done the song Vaddi Sharaban which is dedicated to the women. So, I feel people will accept this song as well.

Did you face any challenge in the early phase of your career?

Yes, everyone in their life or career has to face the struggling period but everything that happens is for good. It’s a very proud feeling to say that, “even that was a golden phase of my career and now is the diamond phase of my life so yes if that wouldn’t have been there, I couldn’t have achieved this”.

This is no topic of sympathy but it is necessary to go through these phases of life to understand the difference of ‘zameen’ and ‘Asmaan’.

How much do you support remixing and remaking of music, which is a trend now a days?

No one supports remix or remakes it’s “kabhi kabhi kuch chize majburi k daayre me aate hai” It is not that Artist wilfully accept to recreate their own work. But when out of 100 songs 98 songs are of that kind anyone has to do it.

If there is an old Hindi film, I generally accept it but if it’s the mainstream filmy song, I deny them.

You have worked with generations; how do you manage the changing perspective of thought how do you manage to stay versatile?

There are two different things Temperament and Pace which also differs from person to person and you need to match their frequency which comes with experience. And the emotion generally stays the same. Only if the lyrics touch the heart the song will go hit.

So, we need to search connectivity and stay updated about the society and every other thing that is happening around and then you try to apply this point in the lyrics so that people who listen to the song will relate to the content.

Which was your first written song and when was it launched?

I wrote many songs even before Ishq Tera Tadpave but this was my first hit song. But though the song was much hit I never got the profit except I can praise myself and say that yeah this was my first hit song.

But only after Desi Girl and Maa Da Ladla Bigad Gaya I got the profit and my luck changed, since then Bollywood have accepted me and my work. There are times when you work and have everything but you don’t get recognized. I have stayed very lucky in that matter the people love and support my work.

There were songs, they are very old songs know but unke zikar ka abhi koi mynne nhi hai it has no value now.’ Main pyaar karu toh sharmaye dedar karu toh sharmaya’ where some lyrics which I don’t remember right now but it did get recorded I even got 500 rupees but the song never came in the market.

Which is your favourite song written by you?

There are two/three songs like one from OMG ‘Main Toh Nhi Hu Insano Me’  and  the  other ‘Tera Yaar Hu Main’ from ‘Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety’ which is written for friends so no one generally sings a things like that in their daily life.

Though you have given Bollywood major hit songs and wonderful lyrics why do you think you have not achieve any major award till now?

Actually Khwahishon ka ek phase hota hai ,vo phase khatam hogaya; ab mila to thik hai nhi mila tab bhi thik hai. Pehle bhi kaam kiya tha abhi bhi kaam karna hai

Kalakar se award bante hai award se kalakar nhi bante;

kagaaz pe aande banane se chand ke akaar nhi bante.

Name five fields of interest other than lyrics writing?

I would like to combine all this five into one field that’s in the field of cricket and we have also started a club called BBC which means Bale Bale Cricket in which there are matches held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, some singer composer and yaars they come together and we play matches.

One smartest decision you took in your career?

I took only one decision and that was to write I didn’t know what was going to happen next and father said yes and that yes to do what I wanted, was a miracle in itself.

Rest there was no decisions once you get into the ocean you don’t decide. You don’t stay the decision maker, you have to do it and I drown in the centre of the oceans where the only option was swim for your life.

One happiest moment from your life.

Every moment is the happy moment in my life because I live my life. There shouldn’t be a bench make to decide when you should be happy and if I am not happy, I try my best to make the moment happy for each person around me.

Some time ago lyricist where not consider for royalty but now it is changing and now even, they will be considered for royalty. What is your note on this?

It is good and we will start receiving royalty soon, the amount and the quality of the work we do, deserve good royalties. But I am happy with what I get. I have never seen paisewala khwab so I don’t really expect them.

Now because of digitalization and YouTube coming into existence artist can create their own work and upload it on YouTube. If it goes hit, like in Punjab many have done it and now people are running towards Punjab because there are better and smarter composers. Song from Punjab is incorporated in Bollywood now days.

So, writers are in profit because they themselves can strengthen their position in the industry. Before, you had to be dependent on the music companies but now artist have an individual platform to showcase their talent

And it really doesn’t bother how much profit does the writer earns because I go with the follow: “Jo Mila Jitna Mila Kush Rahe Ta Hun”

Funniest incident while recording a song

There are many, one happened while recording ‘Tere Shirt the Main Ta Button’ though my English is fine but it wasn’t that polished. The song has this one line which says ‘Die Heart Fan Tere Hai’ which originally is meant die hard.

Further everyone pointed it out and showed me the dictionary that it is die hard but I said People might love with die hard but I can love with a died heart as well so even now the lyric remains unchanged.

And other happened with the song Chittiyan Kalaiyan which there is this word REQUESTAAN they said there is no word as such to which I replied we will start having it after this song. The important thing is that the audience must connect to the content.

Tell us one song from your work which made you very emotional.

I generally don’t work emotionally because I don’t love my work, I respect my work and I understand my work. It’s the people who loves the work. And only when the work travels through the heart of the people and reaches me that is the thing that makes me emotional.

And the song ‘Tera Yaar Hu Main’ is one of them, many a times when we are in party mood and then fall tired and there is a nice silent moment, this moment when you  travel back in time making it an emotional  moment  so the song ‘Tera Yaar Hu Main’ has trying to capture those emotion.

According to you which one played a major role in your success: hard work or luck?

They both (hard work and luck) go parallel. Hard work creates luck and luck creates hard work. If I am successful today many would have struggled for this position and couldn’t reach where I am today.

So even they have done the hard work and even I did the hard work but I must have been lucky. If out of 100 people only 2 are selected then there has to be something more than hard work. The hard work is there for sure but there are blessings and luck. I personally believe in the divine power and the karmic cycle and when you pull a lot into the cycle it will never burn you it will shine on you like a glory.

Dil ya dimag which of them do you use the most while writing a song?

“Mera toh dimag me bhi dil dhadaak ta hai” so I generally can’t differentiate among them they work in a sink.

For me only holding hands is not sufficient, in a relationship you need to stay loyal even when you are not holding the hand and this can be applied to the relationship with your work as well.



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