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Exclusive Interview of Vidya Balan for Mission Mangal

Exclusive Interview of Vidya Balan for Mission Mangal

Recently, Bollywood Chronicle interviewed Vidya Balan for her upcoming films Mission Mangal and here is an exclusive chat with her.

You have seen the time is changing and women are moving forward nowadays? How do you feel?

1st the girls around you are not keeping quiet anymore, I remembered that there was a time when they would say that it’s nice, I remembered once I had met with someone Grandmother’s not a friend but someone house I was visiting like this only and I laughed loudly and she looked at me in a very strange way and I told this girl is she is upset with me, as I laugh loudly, she said no she believes that girls should be seen not heard, I things we all somewhere or the other, being inculcated with that believe if a woman is born then you should look beautiful, presentable all that but never be heard and that is changing we out there we are leading tufts life trying to accomplished the impossible and finding our voices and using our voice therefore and I think that change is underway, I still think that because of that we all are in anger and finding the expression now, a lots of time when I talk with women’s I find nothing more than anger of girls coming out how the year of frustration, the first thing we get less chance to speak that why sometimes when people say, you know now it almost seems like you say hey to a woman and it will like problem I say no, you don’t realize where we are coming from, so even as an individual I have all the liberties freedom that conditioning and still I know what my grandmother’s and mother went through. And it’s great that we are finding our voices

Do you feel the burden as audiences Judge you the way you do the film?

I think women are always get typecast in everything that they do. That is ridiculous. When an actress does five scenes and three songs in a film, people start saying she only does fluffy stuff and no serious roles. When she does substantial roles in serious films or female-centric films, she gets the tag of a serious actress. When I lost weight, people start saying I had lost my charm. I’d wonder how can they say that because I had worked really hard to lose weight. I think society tends to find flaws in women so that they do not fly high.

The film is about women’s but in the poster, Akshay is having a larger space and the rest was adjusted in the remaining part of the poster?

No, so finally it’s a business of cinema, and so I feel because Akshay Kumar is the biggest star amongst us all if it means having him more prominent on a poster can bring more people to the theatre, I m fine with that I m saying as we are getting as we see more and more success someday our faces will be equal, someday maybe our face will be bigger.

Further, she added “But I didn’t feel bad at all, I know we have a prominent role, and I will use Akshay Kumar stardom to my advantage, I being very honest, when I did dirty pictures we have used sex to sell a film, all you sell sex once people come to theaters you realized it just not about sex there are a lot more things, it’s not about a body there is a person we need that and look at the numbers it did, you have to look from a larger side perspective, I can’t take offense

When Akshay was promoting he said the film is about 5 women?

I want to make a small correction it is not just about a 5 women that’s different, it’s also about the politically correct to say it’s about a 5 women but the mission was let by men and women, for example, when Jagan Sakti did the research he released that all of us have seen the image of Mangalyaan the day after the success of the mission where it was 4womens do you know those women’s were actually administrative people apparently not even a scientist, it was just an image in people imagination and therefore there was a feeling of there was largely let by women’s no but it was equally let by men’s and women’s, so Jagan realized that you know we wanted to call it “Mangal Mahila Mandal” but realized you can’t call it that, because then it feels like women-oriented film, been its not we would be true to it, so you know it’s not let by women’s let me clear it is let by all of us have prominent role in it. It would be unfair to not give him his dues, also.

Why you reject jaylaleeta When you are working on the Indra Gandhi web series?

You know Indra Gandhi website is taking longer than I like, unfortunately, but I hope it will happen soon, but I guess web series I have no understanding of how it works but you know Roni’s producing it again, they’re working on the script so it’s taking a long time but I can only wait, till the time you come and tell me everything is ready, hopefully, they will come soon and tell me to let’s start, but I think it will take time to ready the structure and all and about jaylaleeta I m Kangana is doing that’s what I leave it on.

Further, she added, playing the role of the 2 Politician, 2 strong women’s would have been, At least there was a month apart, I was fine.

Choosing between jaylaleeta and Indra Gandhi film is it tuff for you?

It wasn’t the tuff choice I was having a right of Indra books and of course, it taking a long but when that happened it’s like a good that takes a lot from me



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