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Exclusive: Nushrat Bharucha  Interview For Dream Girl

Exclusive: Nushrat Bharucha Interview For Dream Girl

Recently Bollywood Chronicle did exclusive interview with Nushrat Bharucha for her upcoming film Dream Girl, and here is exclusive chat with her

Who approached you for  film?
Raj the director had offered me a film, I never asked him, why he wanted to work with me. This is his 1st film and he just said I want Nushrat. Then he called the casting person Nandani Srikant and said you call Nushrat if she say’s no then only I go for other options.  I just want Nushrat to do this film, so then she called me and said exactly the words what he has told him, and she even said I don’t know the film and even I have not heard the narration. She just told me Ayushman is there in the film and the director wants you as cast in the film, you just came and listen to the script. I was like at least he like my work and he wants to cast me in the film otherwise everyone was just making a villain in the film and this is the 1st director who is saying I want to cast you as a heroine in a positive role

What was your reaction on not being Dream Girl?

No one can ask me this question, 1st they made me Punchnama girl where I  break everyones heart. There I wanted to play a part of actress, then I did Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. There they made a villain, so you can’t expect from me. But then it created more curiosity to know what will be the story of Dream Girl. 
You were a villain so how important it was to change your character?I don’t think like that if I have this image I should maintain it. It is the demand of the film and had done quit a well there is some film which didn’t work were I have work with more efforts, so by default my that image is being created if I would have thought I should have not done this film, then I would have not being here, so I don’t think now i have to do films to only create image, if I will start thinking about that then I will miss many good films, for me a good film is important then i can even do a small role

Are you okay for only doing a song in maarjawa?

I m very happy even if i m doing a song in Maarjawa, for me it is another way of telling stories because songs have lyrics and films has dialogues but both has expression and that is an acting and while doing a song it is very difficult because you have do that with the music tempo and dance and I enjoy it more than 3times then doing a film’s performance, so if someone will ask me you have to do only a song in a film I m okay with it.

What do you have to say about your friendship with Kartik Aryan?

Somebody has told this success doesn’t change your success thoroughly reveals who you are so I think he has always been that person, now because of his success when lots of people are seeing him, their  saying how he is, but I know him since from 8 year no one has spent that much time with him and I know he does so much masti, he is charming, that was this is kartik aaryan. It just took a success to be the person he is being on a larger platform for a larger audience  so I don’t think he has changed really but there is something that is changed and that is a very practical change which happened in everybody life whether it is an actor or journalist or for anybody, like now we only meet in some partiers otherwise he is somewhere in city for shooting, I am at some other place for shooting so because of path has gone where it should be so you don’t see us sending time together and that is an only practical things that have been changed apart from that nothing is changed.

Deepika has said she will not work with Luv Ranjan or any person who is in me too?

This happened sometime before I don’t remember the date a few months back, off cause I have done four films with him, and I know him as a person and as a director a far longer than anybody else would whose has not worked with him clearly and I have written a 2 or 2 an half page open letter on this entire matter with my thoughts and my choice this is my stand and what my experience is about and I would really like that if you would read that and pick from that, its not like that I don’t  want to say it again, its something that I needed to put out there personally as a person and I have put out there and there are lots of emotions in it and I have mean that and if you just go to that you will get what my thought is



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