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Film Review: Kabir Singh Is High On Misogyny And Narcissism And Is Toxic For The Community

Film Review: Kabir Singh Is High On Misogyny And Narcissism And Is Toxic For The Community

Claimer: The Movie Injurious To The Society. Viewers discretion advised.

Kabir Singh is someone who resides in all toxic Indian men who believe women are object of their desire and they should reside under men’s shoes. The movie glorifies narcissistic and misogynistic behaviour and justifies that it’s alright to turn into a monster is you don’t get the girl you like.

Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) has sex with Preeti (Kiara Advani), drops her back to hostel and commands her to adjust her duppata. Yeah! Read it right he commands, commands her like she is his property. Just like earlier he beats a man earlier in the film not because the molested a girl but because the guy molested his girl.  The movie is full of incidents where a girl is kissed without consent, slapped, abused, forced to take out her pants on a knife point.

The character of Preeti is one of submissive girl whose love remains unchanged while quietly bares through violent Kabir Singh who in the fit of rage beats and abuses her. The movie propagates that it’s a second nature of a man to be angry and sex is their birth right and is not entitled to consent.

It doesn’t matter to perform surgeries while he is drunk because he is a brilliant surgeon? The character of Kabir Singh is what chauvinistic men have been trying to normalise for ages – Male superiority. Anger is a manly thing, rising voice and abusing women to exert mainlines is completely normal and women to need to accept it.

The movie treats dog better than it treats women suggesting that women are worst than dogs. The film is just complete carelessness by the filmmaker. And if you have watched Arjun Reddy then there is no point in watching Kabir Singh because the film is a frame to frame adaptation of Arjun Reddy since the creativity of filmmakers went for a hike.

Star: 0.5



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