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I don’t want to do remakes: Rakul Preet

I don’t want to do remakes: Rakul Preet

Dilraju got the right of the remake De de Pyar de and A.Venkatesh is making that film? So, Will, you be part of it?

No, I will not do the same film again, it will be nothing new for me, so why I will do again and again, I want to do newer stuff don’t want to do the same role again.

How it’s different space from Aiyaary to Marjaavaan?

Marjaavan is completely different from Aiyaary, Marjaavaan come to me when I was shooting De De Pyaar De, and Milap’s selling point to this film to me was that, this role is like Rekha from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, this is like Tabu in Jeet, this is like Chandramukhi of Devdas, so this was his selling point of this role to me, you must be thinking 2 heroin film is this so why you should do this, but 1st you listen to it and after listening that I felt this kind of role were in the 90s, the recent past in our generation we don’t get to see this kind of role. If you “Haiya” song or you see the way she talks with full “Nazakat”, there is a “Sher and Shayari Adda” to an Arzoo character’s, so Arzoo is a prostitute but she is very strong, fearless and she understands love too and has that ability to extend that and let go his love, so it’s a character strong character that why when he narrated to me I thought even if it’s for a smaller length I will do the film.

How do you prepare for it?

I visited the bar just to see the body language how they are standing, listening, how they keep their hands, they will stand like this but they will be looking back, they will not sit the way we are sitting, so that helped me for preparing for Arzoo’s character and remaining the dialogue which is there salaam e Ishq types, for that we have done lots of reading.

Rahul Preet Singh

How was your journey?

I love the journey, I came with nothing, I m someone who is not from the industry, I did not grow up with the doors of films, I had no training in acting nothing, not even 1precent, I m an outsider if I was signed by someone to give me that guidance, so I have self-growth, self-finding our own path, when I shot yaariyan after 2 days I started my film in Telugu and Yaariyan took 1 year to release and which film I was doing that happened to release 4 months before yaariyan and that film began a hit and suddenly I had offers and I sign those films because yaariyan was yet to release and I was like I will shoot this films and come, I was not knowing that after release I have to be in Bombay and meet people and there was no one to tell me that but then I continued working there and before I knew that I was already working with big star there and they gave me lots of love and I got emotionally attached with that industry, then I thought it’s better to do what work I m getting rather than leaving this and try to find what you don’t have it, and I thought let me do here work and when people will see me enough I will get filtered project rather than me going from the door to door in Bombay, again and again, starting the struggle again and then I continued working there, in between I was supposed to do Dhoni and before that Shimla Mirch with rajkumar rao but that didn’t release only and that I have signed after 2 months Yaariyan and dhoni’s time they changed the date because of sushant hair and that time I was shooting with charan and bani so I could not change my date at all and at Aiyaary’s time, again they call me and said now you are having dates or not I said yes I have. I was constantly working from 2013 till now 2019, I did 30 films.



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