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“I had a year where I didn’t have any releases,” says Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon exclusive interview with Bollywood Chronicles for her upcoming film Arjun Patiala

Tell me something about the role?
Firozpur ki reporter hai or thoda punbaji flavor hai film me bhi or character me bhi hai, and I think not all but some Punjabi women’s are bindaas and Ritu Randhawa is like if you will tease her then she will slap you, and she is very serious about her work, I as an artist tried to get both the side of journalists one that is in front of the camera and one that is off the camera, because I was playing the character, I have to go through lots of Bloopers which you see online before action and after cut and sometimes the camera is rolling and you get to see all these Bloopers and all the funny one because it’s a comedy film, and I think I could very well use it because koi mic laga raha hai, to or some conversation is happening and any take is wrong, how to talk so I tried using that and I tried sought of using those things and those elements in the films

This film was shot before Luka chuppi so anything would you like to comment?
The long wait I think producer will comment, it is not done by me, to be honest, but I think sometimes certain things are happening some patchwork are left that has to be shot, actors go to other films sometimes you don’t get combinations, sometimes release date is so block and you want to release your film on a best possible date, so something like several reasons it got pushed like on and on and on but finally it is releasing on 26th July

You are again playing media personality in Rahul Golecha’s films?
Yes, but that character is a lot different from luka chuppi, there is nothing to do with this

Is it a darker role?
It’s not darker, its a thriller, and that is very different from this to character

Comedy is difficult?
It’s difficult to make people laugh, as diljit has it ( quality), for me, it’s very important, it is very tuff to make people laugh, for me, you should have a right rhythm to comedy, it is a lot more about reaction and the reaction should be on correct timing.

This year you are coming with 4 releases? How does it feel?
It is a great number to complete again and then in the next year, but I m glad it’s happening, I also had a year where I didn’t have an any released so it’s kind of compensation to it but I like the fact all these 4 films are shot of very different genre and the characters I m playing are very different from each other which is very exciting as an actor, and I want to see how the audience will react after seeing all those characters

During your childhood which particular cartoon characters you like?
There was so many that time, hum 5, was there, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was there, dekh bhai dekh, Shararat was there, and there are lots of them what I loved

From Bollywood who is your favorite comedian?
There are lots of them like Govinda, Govinda is one of the best, Mehmood Sahab, Johnny Lever sir, he is(Johnny Lever) is also there in the housefull4 he is fabulous, Akshay is amazing comedian and there are too many Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi is too good in comedy even Seema pama is also playing a comic villain in this film, she is a great comedian

Working experience with Akshay Kumar in housefull4?
It being great, he is lovely to work with, he has such a great energy, I love the fact he did so many films but he is probably from 30year in this industry but he is still so passionate and have that urge to do something better, and what you can add something extra in the scenes. He is also a reckless soul, he can’t sit in-between shorts, he will keep you entertained, he will suddenly pick up Orange and star catch-catch, or he starts betting on something, but one of the best things about him is the way he lives his life, I don’t think anybody makes the most than his life, I don’t think anyone can do that, whether it is his punctuality, waking up on a certain time, once he told me I never miss the single sunrise, his health his diet or his exercise routine and also the number of films he does plus the number of Holidays that he goes on, I think that ratios is insane, I don’t think anyone would probably would able to match up with that.

Have you been offered any web series?
No, I haven’t been offered any web series yet and I m open to it, I think they have great content on the additional platform and if I get something which is exciting enough, I don’t think medium matter and this day’s digital medium is huge



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