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In Conversation With Celebrity Astrologer Jitendra Patel

In Conversation With Celebrity Astrologer Jitendra Patel

Dr. Jitendra Patel is a celebrity astrologer who holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and also he has done Doctoral Studies in Astrology and Aura Science. His father is also associated with the field of science and technology, holding a prominent position in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). His brother is a scientist as well.

Dr. Patel is the first person in the world to be well-versed in numerous branches of Astrology, Aura Science and Spiritual healing. He has a specially gifted power of face reading, voice reading and aura reading, along with very strong third eye power which gives him impeccable institutions. Using his expertise in these fields and many others, Dr. Patel has served a large number of celebrity clients in India and abroad.  Such as Mr. Rakesh Roshan, Mr. Hrithik Roshan, Mr. Ajay Devgn, Mr. Anupam Kher, Bipasha Basu, Mr. Emran Hashmi, Mr. Sunil Shetty, Mr. Arbaaz Khan etc. He has also helped a number of famous political leaders, corporate leaders and others in their endeavour.

1. When did you feel that you wanted to be an astrologist?

I have a beautiful gift which is given to me by god – Astrology. I grew up in a very spiritual house and everyone in my home was way ahead of me in the spiritual realm. The gift of intuition is from my grandfather, and it is quite prominent in my life. The more you learn and study astrology the more powerful your intuition becomes.

2. You’re known as celebrity astrologist, So who’s your first celebrity?

The first ever celebrity who approached me was Sanjay Dutt, then celebrities like Ajay Devgan, Imran Hashmi, Salmaan Khan, and Ekta Kapoor kept getting added to my list.

3. How you’re able to tell Celebrities about their bad times in future? How you handle this as you can’t directly tell them about their bad future.

Firstly, whatever we forecast that has to be point to point. I am a very unique person I don’t tell people what’s not going to happen as many people do. And all these celebrities want to know the truth, not what they want to hear. They all are prepared even for the negative aspects as well. I prepare everyone for the bad times in an optimistic way so that they can face the situation in a positive manner. Astrology isn’t magic, it’s a vision. I tell them things very elaborately. I guide them to an extent of what project they should and should not invest in. There’s also a Chinese martial art which help them to be positive in tough times.

4. Many people wear gems, is there any connection with the future? Can they really change the future?

Shani dev has lot of energy, these gems will not clear your path 100 percent but partially they do help you in clearing your future difficulties. Among these Neelam is the most powerful gem. It’s so strong that it can either build you or destroy you. One should buy Neelam after consulting an astrologist.  Pooja will make your heart calm but your internal awakening will heal either by meditation or by Neelam.

5. You have done masters in Chemistry and then you did your masters in Astronomy. Do you think chemistry is also a part of Astrology?

Our body is made up of chemicals. And the aura is made by our mind. For instance, if you’re being positive then your surroundings will be positive too and you’ll meet a lot of positive people and same goes with the negativity.

6. In your family everyone is a scientist including your father and your brother. So, is it right to say Astrology was in your blood?

My father, my brother and even I have struggled so much in life to reach where I am today. I have this powerful gift which was given by God and that power attracted people towards me.  I am thankful to God for whatever he has given me especially this body which isn’t less than ten Billion.



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