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Karan Deol Exclusive Interview for Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

Karan Deol Exclusive Interview for Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

Recently Bollywood Chronicle did an exclusive interview with Sunny Deol son Karan Deol for his upcoming debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, and he revealed many interesting things with us.

From schooling till here, your journey?
Schooling I was there in Besant Montessori School which is in Juhu till 4th standard, from 4th to 8th I was in Jamunabai school and then from 8th to 12th standard Ecole Mondiale, I have completed my schooling in Juhu only, and afterward I told papa that I want to do acting, and I did workshop with Atul Mongia, then I went in “Ealing Film Studios” it’s in London, for 5 months to learn film making course, after returning from there again I did few workshops and started working with papa after Ghayal Once Again.

Have you assisted your father ever?
No, I have not assisted my papa but I have assisted YPD director Sangeeth Sivan, it was my 1st assistant, doing assist is very important you should know from the ground to up, who is giving you water and all, because the unit is like your family, if there will no spot boy, lightman, cameramen team, choreographer, assistant director, it’s joint effort we can’t make films without them, teamwork is very important 

Karan Deol

You want to be an actor but why you said your mom not dad?
I was in afraid with Papa that’s why I don’t say anything openly to him, I used to say through mom and mom used to specify and tell him because mom was always my go-to, because Papa always used to work and he couldn’t able to spend his time at home. 

Can you share your Experience with your grandpa?
With grandpa, I had a loving experience, because we used to play a video game, sometimes he used to tell me his journey of life how he came from Punjab and how he got spotted outside film studio and he got that break, if he would have not come from Punjab then I would not be here, even papa would also not be here, we would have somewhere in Punjab doing agricultural, so whatever I have just because of him.

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

What you have learned from family?
I have learned intensity from my father, fittingness, comics timing, improvisation skills from grandpa, from uncle bobby I have learned his dancing skills because in our family best dancer is my bobby uncle and from Abhay uncle the way he takes risks from offbeat films or the script which he chooses, he is very brave, no one used to think he can do this kind of work but he did it and he created his own identity in industry.

Is Your brother Rajveer will come into films?
My brother Rajveer is coming to films, now he will work on training.

Which film you like of your dada and papa?
I like “Chupke Chupke” of my dada, and papa’s “Arjun” because Arjun story is so relevant, and that problems are still there in our country, it’s just that villains looks have been changed but the problem is same

Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba

Any films you have got offered?
Yet I have got only one film offer, I think everyone is waiting for a film, it is like a product, till the time you see the products no one wants to take the risk.

How you got the nickname “Rocky”?
Have you seen Sylvester Stallone rocky film and my father used to like that picture and then he gave me the name rocky and after that, we started watching the rocky film together, and automatically a bond gets created with that name

Today’s actor whom you admire?
I like Vicky Kaushal, have you seen his Love Per Square Foot, Sanju, URI and in URI he did a commendable action, his versatility is too good, and he is trying different things.

Further, you will like to do directing?
After 10 to 15 years when I will get my experience, I would like to direct the films

If YPD 4 will come, would you be part of that film?
I would love to be part of that film, who would not love to share screen presence with my dada, that could be like my life could be made and I would be like happy, my moment is done, I m sharing my screen with my grandfather.



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