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Movie Review: Extra Ordinary Journey Of A Fakir

Movie Review: Extra Ordinary Journey Of A Fakir

Dhanush’s First Hollywood debut is anything but impressive. The film is a adaptation of French novel L’extraordinaire voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikea (The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in a Ikea wardrobe) and like all the movie which are an adaptation of a novel – The novel is better than the movie.

Aja (Dhanush) is a magician cum con man who lives with his single mother and is bugged by the curiosity – Who is father.  Aja has grown up hearing that he has no father has just dropped on his mothers lap a gift form God.

The story being because Aj (Dhanush) nap at wrong places. Once he wakes up the story unfold in part as flashbacks as he narrates it to a group of boys. He reached Paris in search of his dad because his mother told him has no dad and he has gift from god, obviously any one will doubt her explanation. In Paris he briefly meets a girl in an Ikea store and falls in love with her, they make a pact to meet at Eifel tower but he makes the worst possible decision of napping inside a wardrobe which is on its ways Lybia.

That worst nap decision of sets him on an extra ordinary journey where he dispense unlikely windfall on the residence of the refugee camp in Lybia, and helps a roman actor to size a second chance in love.

What was funny about the film that what every country Mr. fakir ends up in, he gets treated like a refuge despite him having a passport. The film is packed with unwavering optimism and sheer determination.

The character of Dhanush is more attached to the girl he met for a few minutes than he is with his mother which he spends most of his live with. The character lacks emotional depth and scenes are fragments because of their lack of connection with each other.

The film is sporadic chose and drag to bear with especially if you are an Indian.  

Star 1.5



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