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My wife Twinkle yet Didn’t come to see Housefull 4: Akshay Kumar

My wife Twinkle yet Didn’t come to see Housefull 4: Akshay Kumar

During an interview with Bollywood Chronicle Akshay Kumar open up about the success of Housefull 4

Did it bother you seeing social media trends like ‘fake Housefull 4 numbers’? Producer Ronnie Screwvala also called for authenticity in disclosing box office collections. Did you feel that your credibility was at stake?

No. I am not the one giving out figures. Just now only I was reading a huge article about Inox cinema, they said how the film really fared. Now they will not lie because they are not my relatives. PVR, chiefs have also said that. And then Cinépolis, somebody has taken their interview they will not lie.

So this kind of thing upset you?

No Darling, Do I look upset to you, it doesn’t upset me, I come from the era where I have heard many opinions but I have never hit back at them. I never spoke against them. That’s because I was taught at school to ‘mind your own business.

Akshay, you don’t write the figures. But this arises when you see four different figures from four different trade analysts, and then the film’s publicist is sending you a fifth figure altogether?

There is a very credible studio called Fox. It is a corporate which runs from Los Angeles. It is not possible. They don’t get bothered by these small things. They make films of millions of millions of dollars. fudging by a few crores doesn’t make much difference. Look, they are writing on their own. They have to report to everyone. Nobody is going to lie about figures.

What is the actual box office figures of Housefull 4?

I think whatever Fox studio writes it. And whatever Boxoffice India or exhibitors or distributors are writing. That’s what it is. The last I read it was Rs137 crore net.

Is Housefull the most critique-proof franchise?

I respect critics. It is important for people to be critics. It is like a barometer which tells what your temperature is. It is important to have critics in your life. And I respect that. What may be a comedy for you, might not be a comedy for another. My comedy sense, my humor is very different from my wife. So she may not like this she may like what other kinds of work I do. Things will vary throughout like what one critic has to say and what another critic has to say always vary and especially comedy it’s always going to vary.

What was your wife Twinkle Khanna’s reaction to the film?

She Didn’t come to see.



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