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Ott platform doesn’t excite me: Sidharth Malhotra

During an interview with Bollywood Chronicle Sidharth Malhotra talk about his upcoming film Marjaavaan

How do you feel to back again on full-on commercial space?

Good this is action space after 3 or 4 films, after the gentleman Ek Villan and brothers this kind of action and we have come with more powerful double actions, pulling out tankers, breaking the helmets and this kind of film we have brought which is larger than life and it’s an intense love story, its hard but the treatment is like giving 70s and 80s cinema feel because our director is very convicted and I love that era’s so we are trying to do something new passionate love story.

What kind of role you are doing you find more challenging than the normal kind of role which you get to play in today’s time?

It does me more convection from an actor point of views, it’s all about attitude, and personality that you play on the screen, you have to stand there you have to show that anger and beat up that many people have a style but I m fan of this style, I m a fan of Mr.Bachchan Sahab, Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt and that helps me atleast to believe in this cinema and I think our Indian audiences like this journey which is taken in 2 hours and we are hoping to entertain them with intense love story.

Sidharth you were a part of couples of 2 hero films, and now nobody wants to work in that kind of film, everyone wants to take the limelight their own, what you want to say?

I won’t, have been doing this kind of film if I want that.

The music is very good in the film? Which one your favorite song?

There are 2 love songs in the film “tum hi aana” and “thodi Jagah”, tum hi aana came much before and it’s been really widely appreciated and what I m still under rooting the underdog, thodi jagah, i like both the songs but if thodi jagah is given enough time would also become as good, and we are also happy that is working that is also a love song and it is also a very essential part of the film people liking it visual on music than they will most probably get into love story and will able to understand the reason behind it.

You have started your career as an assistant director? Are there any plans for futures?

I love the process of film making I learned everything about the business from being as an assistant director, I never went in the film school and that was like a film school for me but I don’t think about the direction at least for few years currently I m very hungry and selfish as an actor, maybe a good script comes along to produce something to give my inputs in that sense how it should be made how to do it maybe, but not direction.

Any plan for the Ott platform?

It doesn’t excite me as such I think there are enough audience and variety of roles to play here, so far it does not really excite me to play any character in that medium, here we are getting to play such different characters especially me, I make sure all my films look different, from a different world, there should be commercial, family drama, murder mystery so I don’t have anything which excites my for OTT series.



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