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Padmaavat too was compared to Baahubali: Kriti Sanon

Padmaavat too was compared to Baahubali: Kriti Sanon

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Chronicle, Kriti Sanon talks about her upcoming film Panipat

Challenges that you have faced while playing a Maharashtrian character

When you start enjoying your work it is not too challengings any more, but yes to make your self believe that your not, you are from today time and you are indifferent ear, that i is something you have to keep reminding yourself because what happens some time our expression, the certain reaction is very contemporary, and then you have to say yourself no that maybe that time she maybe not doing this, so that I think was little challenging otherwise to play a Maharashtrian honestly wasn’t challenge, I have fortunately i had a good grabbing power I have picked up, I pronounced quite well, when I had Telugu film I used to not know how to speak it, and I used to get pages of dialogue and I used to pronounce it and there they used to say you are pronouncing very well you are sounding like someone who stays here, so when I started my dialogue training for Panipat I wanted to make sure whatever little bit Marathi I m speaking in the film, has to sound like it’s coming from Maharashtrian

How much it was difficult Learning horse riding and spot Fighting?

fortunately, I have learned little both horse riding and spot fighting in Rabta, I utilized horse riding there but I never utilized spot fighting and so I brush up my horse riding skills for this one, and with this spot fighting thing it was something that Ashu sir told me in the middle that there is this scene and I’m going to make you do this, and I was firstly, very thrilled and I was like why only 2 days give me some more time, but I was very excited and then one day we did rehearsals we’re it was choreographed and I think the stunts and postures are very important again if you are doing Parvati bai and she is doing this from childhood, she knows it, she is not like she is picking up the sword for the first time, but to be doing that in sand in a Nauvari saree is very difficult, there is dust is thrown all over and your vision is not clear and that was the big challenging with lots of funs

Comparison between Panipat and Bajirao

I was expecting comparisons when I signed the film. Padmaavat too was compared to Baahubali. The period of Panipat and Bajirao is similar. The setting is similar because the Peshwas lived in Shaniwar Wada, and they dressed in a certain way. But the characters are different

Experience working with Sanjay Dutt, Zeenat Aman

I was amazing, only out of them I have not shot with Sanjay sir which I was very upset about it, and I told Ashu sir in a fun manner, please give me 1 scene with Sanjay sir he said Ahmad Shah Abdali and Parvati Bai has never met, so I was like a little heartbroken because I have seen him 1 time on a set, I interacted with him but I never shot with him and that the thing 1 thing for me which remains in the film and I hope in some other film I will get chance to shoot with him. And that revenge I have taken while shooting along with Zeenat Mam, accept me no one had shot with her, so I was very very excited when I was shooting with her, it is the very important scene in the film, with full of dialogue, a very long scene, I was very nervous at the beginning of that day, because Zeenat Aman is a legend you can’t even dream you will get the opportunity to work with her, and I did want to say even a one dialogue wrong in front of her so before the shoot on that day me and Ashu sir went in her Vanity to do a reading and she is so warm and so lovely the way she sort of hugged me, in the beginning, I means she doesn’t have to, and she even appreciated the work what I had done, she just eased in one reading only and then I saw even after being a legend and so experience she still has that hunger she was asking Ashu sir am I doing right, are you happy, is there anything you want Ashu, should I do anything more, and when that comes from an actor who is very experience who is a legend in her own self it just makes you feel that this is how you want to be latter and I wish I can be like her latter and I would be still that hungry to make sure I m perfecting in everything



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