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Quick Review of Paharganj

Quick Review of Paharganj

Paharganj is supposed to be the story of a Spanish woman – Laura Costa who has landed in India, to find her boyfriend – Robert. The movie opens with a montage which encapsulates the major parts of the movie. (No idea why the director did that) and then goes on to introduce the character of a basketball coach. Throughout the movie, you will keep scratching your head thinking why is he in the movie and what has he got to do with Laura. While you wrap your head around it you meet another character – Munna, a young goon and again you will scratch your head. The character of Laura is underwritten, and the director doesn’t give you anything to connect with her, as a matter of fact, you would not feel connected to any of the characters. The movie in totality looks like pieces of puzzle flashing through; pieces that do not even fit together. What makes the movie even more hard to sit through is its hideous background music from the 80s. The song Paharganj is hardly impressive and the rest of the songs are just unbearable.

Star Ratings Out of 5

Overall Rating: 1.5

Direction: 1

Music: 1

Cenimetrography: 1.5

Remark: Bottom line if you are going for the movie, carry a blindfold.



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