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Review of Chhichhore

Review of Chhichhore

Everyone wants to win but no one wants to lose, we have a plan what we will do after winning, but no one thing’s about what if we fail to do that, the exception is good but never let the exception to ruin your life. And this wonderful meaning of life you get to see in Chhichhore.

Story- Chhichore is a story of Maya (Shraddha Kapoor) and Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput). Their son fails to crack the entrance exam of engineer college and he thinks now he is a failure in eyes of his parents and he decides to jump from the building. He is in very critical condition. Doctor say’s that he thinks he is a failure and from his inner self he is not willing to live. Then Sushant decides to tell him a story of his college days. How their gang was a failure. Then he calls his 6-7 chhichhore friends.

Acting- Sushant Singh Rajput acting was not natural whereas Shraddha Kapoor did a good job, and Varun Sharma was as usual rocking with his performance.

Chemistry- The chemistry between Shraddha and Sushant was good, they have managed to cope up with each other.

Music- khairiyat song which is sung by Arijit Singh will touch your heart, remaining songs are not so impressive.

Direction- Nitesh Tiwari simply did a superb job, the narration, and dialogue was just awesome.

3 Out of 5



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