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Review of Mission Mangal

Review of Mission Mangal

If you want to feel proud of this independent day go and watch the Mission Mangal. Mission Mangal is the movie that will tell how our scientists converted impossible into possible, how this mission has been possible in less money and in less time. It is a story of that 5 women scientists who made not just this possible but also they changed the minds of society that women can also be a great scientist. In one word on behalf of Bollywood Chronicle team, we salute that women.

Story: Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan) a scientist and a housewife who messes up the space launch and her nutty boss Rakesh Dhawan  (Akshay Kumar) takes the fall for her and is banished to graveyard project – Mars. Tara inspired Rakesh to take on Mars mission with puri idea. Rakesh goes on to recruit his team of cynical scientists: 

Eka an unapologetic girl who smokes and sleep around (Sonakshi Sinha), A devorcie muslim girl Neha (Kirti Kulhari), Kritika a clumsy girl  (Taapsee Pannu) and Varsha a woman aching for motherhood (Nithya Menen), virgin dork Sharman Joshi and grumpy old man (H G Dattareya)

Acting: Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Kirti Kulhari and Nithya women everyone did justice to their role with a great performance

Music: Dil Mein Mars Hai and Shaabaashiyaan is a song is a kind of stupid but cute

Direction: by director Jagan Shakti’s was perfectly done, scene directions were so clear and it will keep you engaged.

As being an Indian and want to feel proud then at least we all should watch this film. it’s a movie that will entertain you, with good messages 

Out of 4/5



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