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SOTY 2 Review

SOTY 2 Review

If you are weekend involves watching student of the year 2, it would be better not bet your money.

Plot and Direction

The same triangle of love repeats itself in SOTY2 just this time we have a guy (Rohit Mehara – Ananya Pandey) who is chasing after his unfaithful girlfriend (Mia – Tara Sutaria) while a rich brat girl (Shreya – Ananya Pandey) falls in love with him. The opening scene of the movie itself fail to make any impact. The quick pace of the movie keeps you detached from the character to an extent that you might find yourself checking your phone in many occasions. Poor picturization and the fast zoom in, and slow-mo fails to tell a compelling story. Even 5 second cameo of Will Smith.However, the director – Punit Malhotra’s directorial sprite awaken in the last quarter of the movie and he turns the last quarter of the movie in the spellbinding experience. Suprisingly you will also witness some brief funny moments that will actully tickel your funny bones.

Character and acting

The movie was the debut of Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey and the nepotism was quite clear. Tara had comparatively less screen time that Ananya and her character was underwritten and lacked depth. Even after you take nepotism out of the equation Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria should swap their characters. Given that lest get back to reality.

Charter of Tara Sutaria – Mia is your stereotypical unfaithful girlfriend who will use you who does things for selfish reason. Another part of the truth is that character and screenplay did not give Tara much room to flaunt her acting skills.

And if Shery (Tara Sutaria) is the unfaithful girlfriend then Tiger’s character Rohan Maehara is that crazy friend of ours who is super blind in love. To be honest, Tiger was less like a student and more like Tigger jumping from roof to roof. Taking tigers acting skills and flat dialogue delivery Rohit Shetty should really consider Tiger for the role of Tushar Kapoor in Golmaal.

Ananya Pandey’s character Shreya is another fine example of your everyday spoiled brat who has any abusive father. Shreya is a rich spoiled brat with whole lot of attitude and belongs to a dysfunctional family just like Shaniya (Alia Bhatt – SOTY). Ananya Pandey’s acting is fairly average.


Honestly, we can’t recollect any of the song from the movie other than the new rendition of the song ‘Yeh Jawan Hai Dewani’.

It feels like Karan is losing his taste in movie as fast as his budget is expanding to crate movie

Our Advice: Go for the second half and if you don’t want otherwise wait for it come online.





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