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Super 30: Film Review

Super 30: Film Review

When it comes to narrating the story, Bollywood subscribes to a method that works the best – flashback. We are escorted back in time by a guy who narrates the story of his teacher who made him what he is today.

The writer wastes no time in establish conflict in the being of the movie with Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan) getting kicked out of a BHU (Banaras Hindu University) library because he is not a student of the university and he wants access to a mathematics book. He works and, on his paper, gets accepted by Cambridge University. That news gets picked up the owner of Coaching centre who hires him. The defining movement of the character that pivots the story is when Anand quits his Job as a teacher at a Coaching centre and decides to teach 30 underprivileged students free of cost.

The movie follows the obstacle he tackles to prepare his 30 students for an IIT entrance exam.

Overall the 156 mins long is entertaining to watch for those are looking for inspiration and are into biopic – Super 30 is a must-watch.

Hrithik Roshan takes us by a pleasant surprise with his excellent acting skills. The actor has returned back to the silver screen after a two-year break and put the same effort on each take like it was his first. Actor Pankaj Tripathi like always nails his role his superb acting skills and his background helps blend the roles as smoothly as possible.

The songs in the movie is like butter on the hot plate making the movie a smooth and pleasant sail for the audience.

Stars: 4/5



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