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There is a Reason behind it and that is The hidden part of the story – Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has become an inspiration in Bollywood, Recently Bollywood Chronicle interviewed her for Kalank, here is the full interview for you –

How are you feeling your big film is about to release soon?
I am feeling good, excited, nervous, hopeful, just looking forward to it.

How was your Experience working with the whole team?
Honestly, we have not seen the film yet, but still we are very satisfied, we usually talk about the making of the whole film, it’s been very challenging and working with Everybody had been different in reaching to very different reasons, mainly the world we created whole for Kalank. when you say the character that is in the story, is Important and dramatic, so we all are looking forward to that kind of unfold.

Challenges you face working in a period film?
It was definitely very challenging because it was full costume drama so wearing those clothes, jewelry doesn’t come naturally to me to do this kind of scene, but it was good work for life, made me feel like this is how it’s feel to work hard physically and emotionally tiered .

What was your preparation for Roop character?
I watched a lot of old films like ‘Mughal-E-Azam‘ and ‘Umrao Jaan‘ to get an understanding of grace and body language. I had to clean my Hindi as I am speaking Urdu. Abhishek Varma asked me to watch ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. The character of the girl in the show is very much how Roop will deal with the situation”.

Do you think you are in a space of superstar?You have seven upcoming projects all are massive film, do you feel pressure?
Pressure word I will not use, I am just feeling excited, automatically it makes feel like a burden, but it is something that I have taken up as a challenge, life journey and whenever my film releases it like a big stop, and then I have to move it again, and that the way it should be, we just had to keep moving forward and hopefully upward.

Has there been any special reason? Why you and Madhuri Dixit are not dancing together on Ghar More Pardesiya?
Yes, there is a reason behind it and it is something called story, and the reason is The hidden part of the story.

Ghar More Pardesiya is considered an iconic performance to you and you have seen Rekha’s Salame Ishq Meri Jaan, Madhuri Dixit Maar Dala and lots of actress Performing Kathak have you taken any Inspiration from this Actresses?
Yes, I have watched all this video again and again, I did lots of preparation, learned Kathak for a year, I did a same choreography, for two and half month everyday, even I got one white hair because of that, but end of the day I realized my face is my face, I can’t copy anyone, I have to generate that expression within me, then i went to Birju Maharaj and request him to help me.

Who offered you the script and what was your reaction?
Abhishek Varma offered me a script, after reading the script I was crying and I called him up, actually Abhishek always knew I wanted to do a film like this.

Working with S.S Rajamouli sir was it your desire?
Yes, not just because of Bahubali, he is a very big factor because of his imagination, the concept like Magadheera only he can do, he is thoroughly an artist who understands his Audience, his emotion and story is so powerful.



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