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Film Ujda Chaman Full Review

Film Ujda Chaman Full Review

Everyone in this world likes to judge another person without looking in its own self, we make mistakes we hurt people but we realized the things when it’s come to us, and the film Ujda Chaman is the perfect example for self-realization.

Story- the story is about a 30-year-old unmarried lecturer who is dealing with the baldness because of his baldness no one is ready to marry him, his bald head was the only major issue why he used to get rejected by girls for marriage, and the story of his struggles start how he will manage to get a girl with his baldness, or he will do something to fulfill his desire.

Acting- Sunny Singh (Chaman kholi) did a great job, Maanvi Gagroo had also justice her character, Aishwarya Sakhuja a hot lecturer was a perfect choice, rest Atul Kumar, Grusha Kapoor, Sharib Hashmi, Karishma Sharma were okay.

Chemistry- sorry in this film there is no chemistry between anyone.

Songs- the songs are situational songs, you will not feel to hear those songs again.

Direction- the scene where good, but to drag the film on 1 single topic director Abhishek Pathak had made mistakes while putting the unnecessary scenes.

Ujda Chaman is the must-watch because of its unique and new concepts, the concept is good but the maker fails to present on the onscreen, one topic is being dragged so much that at a one-point you feel bore

2.5 out of 5



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