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Who Is Behind The Success Of  Yogita Yana

Who Is Behind The Success Of Yogita Yana

There is a famous proverb, ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman.’ The truth is that we can’t say vice a versa; for behind every successful woman, there is a woman too. Yogita Yana was 17 when she started her blogging career when she was asked who inspired her to do this, the Instagram influencer fiercely said, “It’s my younger sister.” Yogita explains her deep bond with her sister who is also an influencer.

In the beginning, when there was fir burning in the bones of Yogita to start a fashion blog on Instagram, it was her sister who stood by her side and supported her through every decision Yogita made. Yogita had no mentor to guide her through the maze of social media so whenever in distress and confusion she turned to her sister.

At the starting of her career, all Yogita had was the support of her loved one and parents were utterly clueless as to what is she doing. But they still stood by her and a gesture of assurance and support they gifted her cannon 700D. That act of support strengthened Yogita on her journey; she would get up at 4 am and catch the train from her place with all the big trunks full of clothes to reach the shooting locations.

Both the sisters share a deep bond that is hard to find and also stand as an inspiring figure of an independent woman of the 21st century. 



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